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ColorAuto Detailing, Colorado’s expert in GYEON Quartz Ceramic Coatings. Our products, developed directly by GYEON, offer unrivaled protection, increased gloss, superior water behavior, and effortless wash maintenance. Experience the ultimate driving pleasure.

*ColorAuto Detailing is Western Colorado’s only certified installer of Gyeon Quartz products.

Level 2 Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating

Level 1 Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating

What are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic Coatings, also called Glass Coatings or Quartz Coatings, are the most capable form of protection from UV and Chemical Damage we can utilize. The bonding molecule that provides the protection is SiO2, or Silica Dioxide. A solvent carrier is used to apply the SiO2 to the paint and other surfaces.

The solvent evaporates out and leaves the SiO2 behind to cure and bond to the surface. The Ceramic Paint Coating is then cured with an Infrared Curing Lamp to force dry the coating and speed up the solvent release.

Why Are Ceramic Coatings Better Than Waxes or Sealants?

The chemical makeup of ceramic coatings does three very important things differently than that of a wax or sealant.

Firstly, it is capable of bonding to the surface underneath for a matter of years where we see a few months out of most waxes or sealants.

Secondly, the chemical makeup of the ceramic coating is able to withstand penetration of UV and harmful environmental contaminants to keep your paints finish from degrading over time due to exposure.

Thirdly, the coating produces a highly repellent surface, where dirt and contaminant is rejected instead of absorbed in to the surface. This keeps the surfaces cleaner longer and makes regular wash maintenance very easy and safe.

Are Ceramic Coatings Scratch Proof?

Unfortunately, there is a bit of irresponsible marketing in the coating world. Coatings are not thick enough nor hard enough to withstand scratches from say a dirty wash mitt, a key, or a rock chip. They do produce a slightly harder surface than the paint itself, but not enough to withstand this type of damage.

The 9h hardness measure that is used describes the coating’s “vertical hardness”, or its ability to withstand penetration from UV and chemical damage and keep it from reaching the paints finish.

That is what we are asking coatings to do. We coat cars so that they still look good years down the road, and do not suffer from the slow roll of UV and environmental contamination that degrades the finish.

Where a coating can play in to scratch resistance is by producing and extremely repellent and slick surface, so that the surface lets go of loose dirt that you would otherwise move across the paint when washing and minimize the friction between the dirt, your wash mitt, and the paint.

How Long Do Ceramic Coatings Last?

The durability of any ceramic coating is directly related to two things.

First, how and where the vehicle in question lives its life. Is it a California car that sees perfect weather or a Colorado car that will see all four seasons? Is it a weekend toy or is it a daily driver? Where the car lives and the environment it is exposed to plays heavily in to any coating’s durability.

The more intense the environment it is exposed to the less durability we can expect. The kinder the environment the more durability we can expect.

Secondly, is the maintenance program of the car. All ceramic paint coatings require a bit of maintenance. If the car is kept clean where dirt and contaminant is not able to build up on the surface over several weeks or months and the coating is kept healthy then we will see extended durability.

There is no one size fits all and there are no permanent coatings. Learn more.

The Protective Benefits of Ceramic Coating

ColorAuto Detailing offers highly durable, transparent ceramic coatings, which are mud repellent, scratch resistant, hydrophobic and much more.

  • UV Rays and Oxidation
  • Weather Erosion and Resistance to Water Droplets
  • Scratches and Abrasions
  • Bird Droppings
  • Tree Gunk or Sap
  • Bugs
  • Acid Rain
  • Dirt and Chemical Contaminants


Level 2 Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating System


For level 2, we use the Q2 Infinite Base Type 2, a ceramic coating that guarantees outstanding results. With its thick and glossy formula, this coating offers unparalleled hydrophobicity. While it may provide slightly less slickness compared to Type 1, it more than compensates with its visually enhancing properties, elevating the vibrancy of every color to new heights.

Perfect for hot and humid climates, it grants installers extended wipe off time and vehicle owners exceptional water mark resistance. For optimal performance, we can pair it with the Q2 Infinite TopCoat Type 1. Experience the power of ceramic coating with Q2 Infinite Base Type 2.

In the Level 2 System we also protect the wheel faces with GYEON Q2 Rim. Q2 Rim will protect the wheels from damaging brake dust as well as road contaminants such as salt and mag chloride while making the wheels significantly easier to clean.

We also coat the windshield in GYEON Q2 View. This glass-specific coating is designed to repel water and debris during inclement weather and significantly improve visibility.

This package includes a Single Stage Paint Correction that will correct any light to medium paint defects to prepare for the Coating. If severe paint defects are present, we will need to adjust accordingly.

ceramic coatings in grand junction

Level 1 Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating System


ceramic coatings in grand junction

Q² Pure EVO is a remarkable ceramic coating that delivers an unbeatable combination of gloss and durability. With its high level of gloss and exceptional durability, this coating provides ultimate protection against environmental factors. It is highly resistant to chemicals, ensuring that your vehicle stays shielded from any potential damage.


All EVO formulas can be applied outdoors. Ensure stable conditions, never use in direct sunlight and check the weather forecast! The coating should not get wet in the first 12 hours after application.


Q² Pure EVO stands for pure ceramic protection. It builds a very thick layer, therefore requires only this single layer to be fully functional and durable. The now extended wipe off time makes it even easier to work with. The Q² Pure EVO kit includes an ergonomic applicator, which allows fast and effective application of the product.

In the Level 1 GYEON quartz Ceramic Coating System we use a single layer of GYEON Q2 PURE EVO. This is an extremely high performing ceramic coating for all vehicle types and is designed to provide high gloss and capable protection from environmental contamination that will damage the vehicles paint.


The gloss is intense and regular maintenance washing is also very fast and easy. We use the same Decontamination and Single Stage Paint Correction process as the Level 2 Coating System to enhance and prepare the paint. The Wheels and Glass are not addressed in the Level 1 Package but can be added separately.

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