Auto Vinyl Wrapping in Grand Junction, CO


If you’ve been contemplating a different color paint or unique look for your car, it might be time to think about using vinyl. From stripes, to black roofs, to full color changes in gloss, satin, matte, and even chrome finishes, ColorAuto Detailing provides the ultimate attention to detail. Our goal is to have the vinyl installation appear no different than if it was freshly painted.

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What is a vehicle wrap?

Wraps come in all different shapes & sizes. Wraps start as large sheets of adhesive backed vinyl film designed specifically for vehicle application made available in a variety of styles & finishes. Some wraps are a full color change in matte, satin or gloss finishes, as well as chrome and beyond. Vinyl can also be installed as accents on vehicle features like trim, spoilers, hoods, roofs, and trunks. The possibilities are endless; recent advancements in vinyl production technology has also opened up the possibilities to textured vehicle wraps like leather, alligator, snake skin, or holographic & 3D films!

How much do vehicle wraps cost?

Every vehicle & application is different, so price really depends on the scope of your vehicle wrap project. Gloss, satin, and matte vinyl wraps are typically the cheapest whereas chrome vinyl wraps are the most expensive. Additionally, coverage options such as including door jambs, door sills, etc will add more cost to the wrap. Stop by our shop to receive a custom quote.

Can you install my vinyl for me?

We don’t install any film we don’t stock. There are a lot of poor quality films out there that aren’t designed for vehicle wrap applications. Get in touch with us to learn more about what is best for your application.

Does a vehicle wrap damage your paint?

No, a vinyl wrap installed over factory paint can be removed using proper techniques without damaging your paint. Vehicles with previous paint repair, if not repaired properly, can potentially have clear coat or paint lift upon vinyl removal. If this did occur, it would be due to the repaired paint and not the vinyl wrap installation.

Can you wrap unpainted or primed vehicles or body components?

Painted surfaces provide optimal adhesion for vehicle wraps. Although we can wrap unpainted or primed surfaces, we do not assume any liability for failure as the various textures and surfaces of unpainted parts can affect the longevity of the install.

How do I care for my vinyl wrap?

Proper wrap care starts with the basics. Keeping your vehicle’s surface clean is the primary concern, so frequent hand washing to eliminate surface contaminates is necessary if you want to keep your wrap from getting stained or damaged from road grime.

Will a wrap protect my vehicle?

Vinyl wraps do provide some protection for your paint, they still are susceptible to damage from rocks and debris.

How long does a vehicle wrap take to install?

Vinyl installation times vary depending on the job. Connect with our shop to learn more about how long a wrap will take for your custom job. If you’re on a deadline or want to expedite your install, please let us know so we can be sure to plan accordingly.